“Photos a World of Diversity” Premio internazionale. International Prize.


“World of Diversity” Photo Competition

Questo contest è un’opportunità per i fotografi di promuovere il proprio lavoro, evidenziando ed esaltando le differenze nella nostra società globale sempre più diversificata. Le Fotografie selezionate verranno esposte a Ginevra in diversi spazi espositivi  elvetici, oltre che in altre importanti città internazionali.

E’ un’opportunità per i fotografi che si impegnano e danno risalto alle questioni relative alle differenze all’interno della nostra società e usano la fotografia, per raccontare una storia multidimensionale da una realtà locale, ad un pubblico internazionale.

Tema del contest: Diverse società dell’informazione globale: siamo tutti diversi ma sempre gli stessi

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This call is an opportunity for photographers to advocate on any issue relating to the differences seen within our patchwork society and testify to photography’s power to tell a multi-dimensional story from a local level to an international audience. This is your chance to exhibit your talents through creative photography to share with the world your perspective.

Important Information:

Format: JPG or TIFF
Quality: 300 px/inch
Minimum size: width or height 2000 px
Maximum submissions: 5
Support: digital
Deadline: 30 May 2015
Along with your photographs make sure to include your name, country of origin, title of your works and a short description. Send them with the subject line “Photos a World of Diversity” to migralingua [at] icvolunteers.org

Whether you are a professional, amateur, or simply like to take photographs, we will evaluate your work based on relevance, originality and ability to communicate your visions.

ICV’s MigraLingua is a program for the linguistic accompaniment of migrants who have arrived in a country where they do not master the local language. By agreeing to participate in this campaign, ICVolunteers reserves the right to publish all photos received in our various communication tools and on the MigraLingua website. As always, we will credit the work of the photographer.

To learn more about MigraLingua’s ongoing work visit http://www.migralingua.org

To learn more about ICV’s previous Photo Campaigns visit http://www.greenvoice.info/activities

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