Maleonn was born in Shanghai in1972. He graduated from the Fine Art College of Shanghai University with a major in graphic design. He currently lives in Shanghai.
Maleonn creates spectacular staged works that delve into the surreal. His work encompasses many themes but in all his work there is the feeling that Maleonn is a magician conjuring up visions of his imagination. Some works reference childhood memory, lost hopes and dreams and the symbolism of traditional Chinese arts.

Maleonn has been influenced by his family’s background in traditional performing arts. His father is the director of Beijing Opera and his mother an actress. All areas of the arts were considered important in Maleonn’s education and he was interested in painting at an early age. After completing his training in design at university, Maleonn worked as a director of video clips. During this time he perfected his stagecraft and dreamed of becoming a film director. Even though his dream has never been realised, Maleonn’s photographic work has cinematographic qualities. His works are narrative and require some form of staged setting with props, actors and costumes. Unlike film, the audience is invited to view each frame at their own pace in order to fathom the complexity of the scene. Maleonn uses detail and layering of imagery to construct meaning

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