Fabian Unternaehrer


With this series I was trying to seek out the hidden beauty and the uncanny behind the banalism of the everyday life. So as simple and short as it is to say, banalities hide the exceptional and vice versa. I was searching for a special atmosphere maybe best explained as “bright darkness.” Something at the same time frightening and fascinating while being beyond words to be described.


Fabian Unternährer was born in Basel in 1981 and currently lives in Bern, Switzerland. He grew up bilingual speaking german and french. After school(gymnasium) he spent several semesters at university. Realizing that psychology was not what he wanted to study he went travelling and engaged in different dayjobs.
Back in Switzerland he attended an arts study preparation course followed by two years of study at The CEPV School of Photo in Vevey graduating with honors.
Fabian got his first camera, an Olympus Mju II from his french Grandmother for his 16th birth day and has been passionate about taking pictures of everyday life ever since. His Grandmo ther played a big part in awakening his interest in the arts and its importance in society, taking him to art galleries and museums as a child.It is a dream come true for Fabian that he is able to make his hobby and passion his job.
He graduated from ZHDK with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012

www.fu-photo.ch / info@fu-photo.ch

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