Cara Barer

CARA BARER (b. 1956) lives and works in Houston (USA). She has been represented in numerous group exhibitions across the United States, with solo exhibitions in Galvaston, Houston, Toronto (Canada) and Petaluma. Her work has appeared in New York Magazine (2008), Photonews (2008) and The Houston Press (2006) amongst others. More recently, she has been featured in Art Made From Books: Altered, Sculpted, Carved, Transfored (Chronicle Books, 2013).

Barer’s photographs can be found in several private and public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), Trump Hollywood, VISA, UCLA Special Collections, Danielle Steel, Bloomingdale’s, Lehigh Unviersity, Nordstrom’s Nationwide, and Wells Fargo Bank.

Cara Barer photographs outdated, abandoned and obsolete books – but only after transforming them into scluptural objects of beauty. Coiled and crumpled, they segue into a considered commentary on the changing role of libraries, society’s relationship with how it accesses and values knowledge and, in a technologically advanced world, her work questions the future of the book itself.

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